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Build a Simulator

Build a Simulator

From components and subsystems, the Acceleration Pack to creating a simulator.

Unlock your simulator's potential

The CRAFT Acceleration Pack designed to save you months of development, and allow you to focus on value-added work when building your simulator.

The culmination of decades of experience in partnering with and supplying the world’s top 100 aerospace and defense companies, CRAFT delivers astounding vehicle and visual realism, and rapid integration at a very competitive cost.

The CRAFT Acceleration Pack includes  HELI CRAFT, a helicopter simulator acceleration pack, and UAV CRAFT, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simulator acceleration pack.

Both CRAFT Acceleration Packs provide an open architecture design with fully customizable samples, including:

  • Flight and subsystems simulation models
  • HMI interfaces and avionic displays
  • Simulation ready synthetic environments
  • Rich simulation ready 3D model library
  • Scenarios and dynamic sandbox environments
  • Instructor, operator station interface

The use of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) tools in an open architecture results in unprecedented freedom to customize and build upon the platform.

Our customers are using CRAFT to build...

Virtual “test benches”

  • Design, requirements analysis, and - through the use of VAPS XT - a tool for creating interactive real-time graphical displays.
  • Custom algorithm or hardware-in-the-loop development through Ondulus; the physics-based sensor simulation.
  • End-to-end platform development by using STAGE, the complex-scenario creation tool.

Tactical and procedural training simulators

  • By using FlightSim, and HeliSIM, users can add accurate flight dynamics and simulation of aeronautical subsystems.
  • Training in complex environments with civilian and military entities thanks to STAGE.
  • Or even mission rehearsal, with the access to Presagis' expertise in the rapid creation of large synthetic environment with Terra Vista and VELOCITY 5D.

The CRAFT Acceleration Pack includes

  • Utility management tools for easy and fast deployment on any hardware.
  • Presagis can also offer validated hardware configurations including computers, the instructor operator station, ground control stations, or cockpits.

Remember that with a CRAFT Acceleration Pack purchase, you become a Presagis customer. This means that you will have access to experienced support, self-paced or live training, and expert services for punctual support when you need it.

Interested in Trying Presagis CRAFT Software?

Interested in Trying Presagis CRAFT Software?

Whether you want to schedule a demo, or just want to learn more about our CRAFT products, we are ready to help.
CRAFT Acceleration Packs
Presagis Maintenance

Presagis Maintenance

Support, online training, product enhancements, and Customer Portal access are just some of the benefits of Presagis Maintenance.

Experts Helping Experts

Experts Helping Experts

In order to support our customers' development efforts we offer a wide variety of Services including product training, product customization, content development, and product adoption guidance.