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3D Model Library

3D Model Library

Customers can benefit from a massive library of 3D models in OpenFlight format including aircraft, tanks, ships, characters, support vehicles, buildings, and weapons.

3D Models. Lots of Them.

Presagis is introducing a new commercial library of 3D models.

This new 3D asset library comes with more than a thousand models ready out of the box for simulation, sensorization & visualization.

Models are in the OpenFlight format and include characters, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, tanks, support vehicles, ships, buildings, weapons, and hundreds of other useful assets.

Those include damaged and undamaged states, built-in DIS comments, texture files ranging in resolution from 512x512 up to 1024x1024, articulated parts for wheel axels, turrets, landing gears, propellers and rotors, launchers and much more.

The library also comes with various degrees of Level of Detail (LOD) and with polygons counts ranging from 100 to 7000 triangles. All models in the library are compatible and ready for M&S Suite 19.

To get access to the full library, contact us.