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The military trains in a complex world.

The military trains in a complex world.

A world that demands adaptive leaders and organizations that excel in the face of chaos. To meet this critical need, military commanders require training environments that are flexible, responsive, vast, and available at the point of need.

Presagis tools provide detailed, immersive and cost-effective virtual environments that keep pace with the changing operational environment, giving commanders the ability to overcome today’s challenges using the technology of tomorrow.

Presagis, a longtime leader in defense and simulation software, offers an end-to-end suite of defense-proven tools and solutions that help integrators and developers tackle even the most complex projects with confidence. Presagis has carefully designed and refined its scalable, modular and open architecture technology to not only help lower costs, but drastically reduce the time required to deliver precision content and complex mission scenarios – in the air, at sea, or on the ground.

A pioneer in the simulation industry, Presagis has invested heavily in sensors, synthetic environment generation, human-machine interfaces, and extensible software development tools. Today, Presagis supplies and partners with the Top 100 defense and aeronautic companies in the world.

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