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Who is Presagis?

Who is Presagis?

We capture real world complexity and transform it into a virtual one.

Founded in 2007, a global enterprise, Presagis set the standard for the modeling and simulation industry, from launching groundbreaking tools for creating synthetic environments, to developing full suites dedicated to simulation and visualization, we never stopped reaching higher or striving further.

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Where Presagis Helps

Our tools help users integrate geospatial data and analytics for 3D planning in:
Mapping Agencies
Mapping Agencies
Our products can help agencies and organizations produce better, more precise simulation and instrument-ready 3D environments faster.
Presagis tools provide detailed, immersive and cost-effective virtual environments that keep pace with the changing operational environment, giving commanders the ability to overcome today’s challenges using the technology of tomorrow.
VELOCITY 5D empowers architects, engineers, and builders to create digital twins of facilities, neighborhoods, cities, and countries.

Industry Leader

We support the top 100 aerospace, defense, security, and critical infrastructure organizations in creating and updating 3D environments for location intelligence, virtual training and mission rehearsal.

Presagis has played a leading role with both the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) thereby reinforcing our core belief in strong APIs and open standards.

Created using VELOCITY 5D

Creating Accurate and Immersive Digital Twins

Our expertise in the creation of virtual environments, sensors, visualization, and simulation, has been integral in the generation of accurate and immersive digital twins, supporting:

  • Round-earth
  • 3D terrain
  • Sensor emulation
  • Constructive and virtual 3D simulation
  • 3D visualization

Flexible & Modular

Our software development approach has been based on open APIs to support the hundreds of third-party vendors that use our tools and a growing market that is increasingly asking for interoperability. These include:

  • COTS SW licenses, reconfigurable flight simulators + development services
  • SW listed on the GSA MAS
  • Multinational presence in US, Canada, Europe
  • Trusted, longtime contributor to the global flight simulation value chain
  • MOSA simulation middleware for all major aerospace OEMs
  • Experienced collaborator with academic institution (US, Canada, Europe)