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What's New: M&S Suite 22

What's New: M&S Suite 22

Features, Enhancements, and Fixes

M&S Suite 22 is here.

From social distancing and working at home, to lockdowns and shutdowns, you have faced and overcome these obstacles and adapted to the world’s new realities.

Like you, Presagis has reacted to these challenges and changed our approach to ensure that you can keep performing at the highest level – year in and year out. By re-aligning our version 22 releases of all the products in the M&S Suite, Presagis intends to bring new features to you more quickly through frequent minor releases. This approach will not only provide you with more timely improvements, but also gives you faster resolutions through software patches, and longer support for your Suite version.

Upgrade Today

Upgrade Today

Its not too late to adopt the latest M&S Suite software solutions available! Discover the difference in features, flexibility, and interoperability when using Presagis products.

CREATOR 22 + 20

New Features

  • Detail Texture Extended Material Technique allows you to add details to a low resolution base texture
  • glTF file to OpenFlight Importer
  • OpenFlight to glTF file Exporter
  • Support for Python 3.x as well as Python 2.7x


  • Backward Compatibility for FBX exporter
  • Runway wizard CAT approach light option

Wizard Improvements

  • Runway Wizard: custom centerline spacing and length
  • Launch modify UV with no texture applied
  • Real world Scale tolerance


New Features

  • Detail Texture Extended Material
  • Unreal Output compiler


  • Imagery improvements (Alpha Channel)
  • Update 2d viewer to support alpha imagery
  • Allow the services to be reset as non-admin

OGC CDB 1.0 Improvements

  • Support for Specular Maps (Gloss Maps)
  • GS Feature Limit Compliancy
  • Performance and stability
  • Bathymetry flattening

Open Street Map Importer

  • Improved attribution Support

User Interface and Tools

  • 2D Editor – Ruler Tool
  • 2D Editor – Copy Location
  • 2D Elevation Editor – post values in the status bar
  • Asset selection – improve usability of the asset property selection

Performance and algorithmic improvements

Additional improvements

  • Supports geotiff files as raster material.
  • GT model light maps are now visible in the 3D Viewer.
  • Terra Vista Health page now includes improved validation for wizard building templates

Security Updates

FlightSIM 22 + HeliSIM 22

Liquid tanks

Define liquid tanks with substance mixture density. Ideal for fire-retardant aerial drop, the new model will simulate impact of the liquid load on flight dynamics, and compute the spread over the ground.

New Model

Now provided with a Grob G12TP-A0 aircraft sample. It is a great starting kit to simulate a single engine, turboprop trainer supporting aerobatic maneuvers.

Joystick calibration

Calibrate your joystick through a simplified UI, streamlining your device integration.

Visual Studio 2019

Now compatible with your development environment on Visual Studio 2019.


Low-Light-Level Television

Simulate Low-Light-Level Television (LLLTV) camera. The Intensified Charge-Coupled Devices (ICCD) simulation computes the measured illumination in the visible to near-infrared spectral range. More affordable than infrared cameras these sensors are typically used on lighter platforms.

Physics-Based Night-Vision Goggle

The new Night-Vision Devices (NVD) simulation provides a physics-based simulation for Night-Vision Goggle (NVG). This new solution brings our NVG simulation to a new degree of realism. It now handles atmospheric conditions, reflection modeling, materialization, noises, blurring, and light sources beyond the visible spectral band.

Thermal reflections

Simulate thermal reflections, a common source of problems when interpreting infrared thermal images.

Halos in NVG

Halo effects are complex optical phenomenon observable around bright spots or light sources, especially when the light is amplified by an Image Intensifier Tube (IIT) system.

Distributed Aperture System

With the Distributed Aperture System (DAS) It is now possible to create, for example, a panoramic 360-degree view around the aircraft with 6 infrared cameras.

Split Screen Display

Arrange multiple camera images within the display window screen.

Visual Studio 2019

Now compatible with your development environment on Visual Studio 2019.


Navigation modes

Use Terrain Avoidance (TA), and Air-to-Ground Ranging (AGR) modes in our radar simulation.


Control radar interferences and simulate unwanted radio energy from other radars on the same frequency.


Simulate radar beacons, receiver and transmitter transponder devices for navigation aid or identification.

Track multiple targets

"Multi-Target Track" (MTT) allows you to track multiple targets simultaneously. Going from “Situational Awareness Mode,” “Dual target search or track,” to "Single Target Track"

Articulated parts

Use Spot SAR to detect moving elements on a target. This is crucial for target identification and recognition. I.e. identify if a helicopter is about to take off by focusing on the Spot SAR image of the rotor slowly spinning.

Visual Studio 2019

Now compatible with your development environment on Visual Studio 2019.


Multi-GPU for distributed rendering

Use multi-GPU platform with Quadro graphics card. Parallelize your rendering on separate graphic cards or computers.

Marine simulation

Highly accurate modeling of wave transition from deep to shallow waters with surf zones, and improved vessel dynamics system and geometric wakes.

Improve rendering performance

More control to boost performance and improve visual effects. Through T2D level of detail, better management of virtual textures, detail textures, and gloss textures.

New Varjo XR3 Sample

A free sample integration of the Varjo XR3 is also available, thus saving you time when building your XR application. The sample is compatible with both VP19 and VP22 and is available on demand.

Articulated parts

Use appearance states and articulated parts from the Distributed Interactive Simulation standard.

Detailed textures

Loading OpenFlight models with detailed textures will provide you with highly detailed models and environments.

Visual Studio 2019

Now compatible with your development environment on Visual Studio 2019.

Upgrade to 22

Upgrade to 22

Presagis is dedicated to providing the most versatile and feature-rich products for Modeling & Simulation as demonstrated by our continued improvements, developments, and enhancements to our software offerings. Contact us today and discover the difference M&S Suite 22 can do for you and your team!