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M&S Suite 18 Webinar

M&S Suite 18 Webinar

An overview of the features, benefits, and additions to our latest suite

Performance & Workflow

Leveraging an open, modular and standards-based simulation development framework, each product in the Suite has been improved. From the powerful content creation and simulation products to the high-fidelity sensor and visualization tools, Presagis M&S Suite 18 supports a full range of applications across air, land, sea, for the defense, security and intelligence markets.

Building on the momentum of M&S Suite 17 last year, the launch of Modeling & Simulation Suite 18 is squarely focused on performance and workflow. The Suite has been enhanced to ensure users are working faster, more intuitively, and more efficiently.

To accomplish this, Presagis prioritized customer feedback and invested heavily in ensuring that application performance took a large leap forward, while functionality and interface elements were enhanced.