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Immerse: Presagis + Unreal

Immerse: Presagis + Unreal

M&S Integration with Gaming Environments

A pioneer in integrating M&S with gaming technology, Presagis set the pace early by providing the M&S community with an OpenFlight to Unreal plugin in 2019. Two Epic MegaGrants later, Presagis is eager to demonstrate how Unreal Engine is playing a larger role in our offerings.

VELOCITY 5D leverages an Unreal Engine ecosystem that reads CDB and GIS data, and provides astounding performance while leveraging UE features.

What we're showing @I/ITSEC

  • Terra Vista, our flagship terrain generation software, will now have a UE4 Output Compiler
  • The OpenFlight to Unreal plugin will be updated
  • Presagis’ new V5D content and simulation framework leverages Unreal to give users unprecedented control, and visibility of their projects
  • We are demonstrating the VELOCITY 5D for Unreal Engine Plug-in available in early access through our Beta program. Built for Unreal users that wish to leverage large amounts of geospatial data, this plugin allows the loading of CDB and GIS source data into UE. This real-time terrain plug-in loads data in UE, resulting in astounding rendering with impressive tiling and paging performance.

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