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Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

VELOCITY 5D can help organizations simulate and plan for the unexpected.

By combining any geospatial data into 3D, and merging it with your analytic models, VELOCITY 5D can generate a digital twin that can help stakeholders not only plan for disasters, but see their effects before they happen.

For over 30 years, Presagis has partnered with the top 100 aerospace and defense companies to create 3D environments for simulation training, mission rehearsal, and prototyping.

Our open API’s, which support smooth third-party integration, are a hallmark of our content and visualization software…and this is translating well to new applications such as disaster readiness, risk management, and infrastructure.

Use Cases: Preparing for the Unexpected

In a joint project with CAE, VELOCITY 5D was first used to ingest massive amounts of high-resolution terrain data for the city of Austin. We were then able to rapidly generate the city in 3D. This highly accurate digital twin simulated flooding scenarios to help the city of Austin identify danger zones, evacuation routes, and relief routes.

Another project, with a global telecom company, leveraged VELOCITY 5D to protect its infrastructure in a city that is under the constant threat of floods and draught. We first created accurate, 3D environments. The elevation, road network, buildings, and bathymetry were replicated to the highest level of detail.

We then leveraged our pre-existing simulation software to simulate flood events. The simulations were used to analyze the best plan for risk prevention and disaster response.