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SOA Software Architect – 56069

SOA Software Architect

Montréal - De la Savane, QC, Canada (1 position available)

Job Summary

We are currently looking for a Cloud SOA Software Architect in Montreal to join our company. You will be working as part of VELOCITY team development team to define, design, implement and deploy VELOCITY software and cloud framework technologies. You will be working closely with other VELOCITY Architects to ensure a consistent design across VELOCITY eco-system. As part of your responsibilities, you will be responsible to architect software oriented architecture and infrastructure to be deployed on bare metal, virtualized operation systems and cloud instances commonly available on the marker. The responsibility involves bridging gaming technologies, web technologies, as well as open source technologies, and proprietary Presagis technologies. As SOA Software Architect, you will be involved with the designs of other technology components, which interact with other framework technologies. In the near future, as the team grows, you will be managing small group of brilliant software developers. Presagis VELOCITY is an exciting new solution led by industry veterans coming from the Film and Games industries that will bring your knowledge and experience to new frontiers.


Design, Implement and Deploy

  • VELOCITY infrastructure and backend technologies
  • Development, Staging, Testing and Deployment strategies and processes of the various infrastructure components
  • High Availability / Stateless infrastructure components
  • Investigate and select key technology components to build VELOCITY infrastructure
  • Contribute (designs and requirements) on several VELOCITY components, such as other Framework, Rest/RestFul APIs to ensure consistency across ecosystem.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or the equivalent;
  • 2+ years of technical architecture experience
  • 2+ years of Infrastructure Engineering experience (Distributed Unix and Windows)
  • 2+ years of experience working with Modern JavaScript, full stack (backend, frontend, tooling) is required


  • Practical knowledge and experience of VMware, AWS, MS Azure and/or Google Cloud technologies
  • Building micro services according to established cloud design patterns and best practices (e.g. circuit breaker, caching, deferred load, queuing, etc.).
  • With container infrastructures such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos
  • With designing, building and running RESTful web services
  • In large scale distributed development environment with local and remote resources, involving branching strategy, traditional and modern revision control systems, distributed build infrastructure.
  • GCC / C++ / Visual Studio is a must
  • TDD / Quality Assurance development approach is a plus: Self-testing code base, documentation
  • Scripting technology integration is a must: Java, JavaScript, Python
  • Web Services: HTML5, CSS for both client/server and mobile deployments is a plus
  • Database Technology is a plus: SQL & NOSQL SSO, Performance and load balancing
  • Pratical Experiences with regards to securitym, authentication and identity Management
  • Experience with High-Availability / Site Resilience design principles
  • Proven Agile DEVOPS and CI/CD best practices experience
  • Obsession about automating everything and a passion for elegance and simplicity
  • Scripting wizardry and an adept command of the command line on common technologies such as bash, python, javascript, powershell.
  • Experience with configuration management. You have managed an infrastructure with hundreds or thousands of servers and dozens of technologies.
  • Good communication and listening skills in both French and English;
  • High level of professionalism and diplomacy;
  • Multi-tasking and load management abilities;
  • Knowledge of military terms, general physics, simulation environments, and 3D graphics are a plus;
  • Ability to manage multiple activities with minimal supervision;
  • Follow-through skills and attention to details