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Next Generation Aerospace Series: Human Machine Collaboration in Aircraft Systems

Next Generation Aerospace Series: Human Machine Collaboration in Aircraft Systems

March 15th 2022

In this one-hour webinar on March 15, 2022 at 10 a.m. (CET), PRESAGIS and MathWorks subject matter experts will present and review the challenges for human-machine collaboration in the next generation of aircraft systems and how technology keeps evolving to address those challenges. The main one being how to process vast amounts of data from multiple sources, how to process it and display meaningfully to enable better and faster human decision making. Reducing pilot workload is as the center of this evolution to improve reaction time and decision-making process while applying the highest standards of safety and security. Among other changes, we have seen the following relevant ones:

  • The number of multiple people performing unique tasks has been reduced which has ultimately increased pilot workload
  • Data was mainly local to the aircraft, there was limited exposure to Systems of Systems, and communications were slow
  • Even though most information was local, pilots counted with a limited number of sensors
  • There was very limited onboard processing and real-time capabilities
  • Systems had less stringent safety cases, whereas nowadays certification and compliance to the standards are often mandatory.

The Presenters

Matt Jackson
PRESAGIS Technical Product Manager for HMI and Embedded Systems
Matt has worked in embedded hardware and software development for over 25 years specializing in HMI systems and real time graphics. He has worked on multiple Fast Jet, Helicopter and Civilian Aircraft cockpit display programs. His involvement in these programs has covered from concept to deployment working alongside Human Factors, Software Development and Systems teams in aerospace companies like BAE Systems, Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

Satish Thokala
MathWorks Aerospace and Defence Industry Manager, APAC Region
Satish’s area of expertise is avionics systems for both military and civil aircrafts using Model-Based Design, and he has over 20 years’ experience. He led large engineering groups responsible to develop, verify and certify cockpit display systems at Collins Aerospace.

Pablo Romero
MathWorks Application Engineer
Pablo specializes in real-time simulation and testing. Prior to MathWorks Pablo worked in BMW and Airbus Defence and Space focused on model-based design techniques and driving and flight simulators among other topics.

The session will be moderated by Juan Valverde, MathWorks Aerospace and Defence Industry Manager, EMEA. Juan is an expert in dependable embedded systems design. Prior to MathWorks, Juan worked at the Research Centre for Collins Aerospace as a technical lead for embedded computing technologies.