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VELOCITY: A Fresh Look for 3D Database Production

By Stuart Blundell
GeoInt Business Development Manager
Apr 9th 2020

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The role of 3D databases in geographic information systems (GIS) is evolving.

Decision-support approaches using multi-temporal and multi-modal data are becoming the new normal which requires enhanced visualization to communicate and build consensus across large enterprise organizations. Risk reduction and resource optimization in decision-making means going beyond simple 3D data visualization, and embracing simulation-ready 3D databases that leverage GIS data and platform capabilities.

Presagis has been in the business of producing high-quality 3D databases and virtual environments for customers all around the world for decades. Although our focus has predominantly been on commercial software applications and tools, such as Terra Vista and Creator, we have staked our reputation on the following business principles for 3D database production:

  1. Costs and delivery timelines matter to all of our customers.
  2. Quality and completeness are discriminators in simulation-based training.
  3. Reality modeling is essential, but not at the expense of Principles 1 and 2.

3D databases can contain a massive amount of detail whether from street view, or thousands of feet overhead. Terrains and buildings can also be materialized for use with sensors (eg: IR, LiDAR, NVG, etc.)

VELOCITY is an innovative, commercial, 3D world-wide database solution from Presagis that embraces all three of these principles by taking advantage of advanced automation approaches, best-of-breed commercial and open-source data offerings and the careful blending of geo-specific data processing with geo-typical approaches. The end result is a simulation-ready 3D database product matched to a customer’s mission needs.

A key aspect of the VELOCITY data production approach is that it is data agnostic

In a recent VELOCITY project completed for a major U.S. defense and aerospace company, the requirements were for the rapid creation of a simulation-ready product for the island of Oahu, Hawaii to include high-resolution terrain, 175,000 buildings, 30,000 plus road segments, vegetation, water features and the Honolulu airport. A key aspect of the VELOCITY data production approach is that it is data agnostic: all available high-quality geospatial raster or vector sources are candidates provided they meet geolocation accuracy and metadata requirements.

The Honolulu database contains light maps to produce realistic night scenes.

In the Oahu project, Presagis was able to leverage public data, commercial imagery and elevation data with proprietary reality-modeling techniques to produce a rich 3D database at a price point and completeness level (material encoding, light points) that will set a new standard for value and performance within our industry.

At Presagis, we are always taking a fresh look at existing technology-based processes, such as 3D database production, without sacrificing our three core business principles. VELOCITY has opened the door to simulation-ready 3D content at a global scale using foundational geospatial data sourcing and state-of-the-art automation.

Are you ready for a new world?

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A 3D database construction of Honolulu created using Presagis' VELOCITY.