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VELOCITY 5D revolutionizes our future – and that of our clients

VELOCITY 5D revolutionizes our future – and that of our clients

Jean-Michel Briere
By Jean-Michel Briere
Nov 21st 2022
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For the last 25 years, Presagis has been a leader in 3D technology and simulation. With off-the-shelf (COTS) software programs into which clients could download their own data and build immersive environments to facilitate decision-making, Presagis created the world in 3D, put life into it with simulation scenarios, and allowed clients to better visualize and derive meaning from it.

Over the last few years, however, we have seen a strong paradigm shift in the modeling and simulation spaces. Our clients are gathering more data than they can process and increasingly require support to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Enter VELOCITY 5D, allowing us to meet our clients’ ever- increasing needs and offer a revolutionary solution to a wider variety of markets. VELOCITY 5D goes beyond 3D and 4D, adding a 5th element – context – to virtual environments that brings intelligence and consciousness to the world we are recreating.

The mix of macrotrends like cloud and gaming engines for visualization and the convergence of the training, simulation, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) markets provided us with a new opportunity for growth. As one of the only companies in the world offering both simulation and modeling tools, Presagis was perfectly placed to conceive a solution offering clients ultimate flexibility to integrate the latest and best big data into a plethora of immersive environments which could be used for simulating various scenarios.

To make it happen, we revamped our way of doing business and our engineering team stepped up to the plate of developing something truly new. VELOCITY 5D is not a COTS program, but rather a cloud-based infrastructure platform rooted in two critical technology pillars to provide clients:

  • Breakthrough performing processes: customers can build digital twins more quickly and accurately than ever before and use them immediately for decision-making and complex simulation.
  • Extreme computing power: the immense processing power of the cloud allows users to effectively manage the enormous amount of complex information they receive and put it to good use.


Tech pillars fueled by AI

VELOCITY 5D is a groundbreaking product not only for Presagis but also in the market, which currently only offers a “production line” process in which clients buy and assemble each piece individually. The use of AI technology, and its resulting automation, fuels the main tech pillars needed to build an immersive environment and removes the human element of subjectivity from the loop, allowing for better results - faster.

Presagis has one of the best AI algorithms for building footprint extraction: ranked in the top 3 worldwide. We have overcome many of today’s challenges in the building of digital twins, offering four key differentiators to clients:

  • Speed: we can build environments in a matter of hours, not days or months.
  • Realism: by cross-matching various data, we can build extremely accurate and detailed digital environments.
  • Scale: we can build at the country level, not only at the local level.
  • Realtime: we can build digital twins with the latest data, making the decision-making process relevant, proactive and prescriptive (rather than “reactive” by working on outdated digital twins).


Helping new markets plan and make better decisions

We reorganized our business to enable many more market segments to access virtual environments and simulation for decision-making and planning. The cloud-based interface, flexible options, and AI technology offer centralized asset management for a number of uses:

  • The Geospatial market

  • Smart Cities such as asset management, transportation, and traffic and crowd management

  • Disaster Preparedness such as flooding, emergency medical services (EMS), and event response & planning

  • Infrastructure such as oil & gas, ports, airports, railways, etc.

  • Critical Infrastructure such as nuclear plants, etc.

  • Urban Planning


VELOCITY 5D is the support for change

Through our cutting-edge technologies and expertise, Presagis wants to empower organisations and communities to interpret the world around them to improve planning and decision-making. Our purpose is to support societal progress and we believe that VELOCITY 5D is key.

Our world is increasingly threatened by the staggering effects of global warming, natural disasters, geopolitical instability, and an ongoing pandemic. VELOCITY 5D can help better understand the challenges we are facing and possible outcomes with various simulation scenarios, thus helping clients design the solutions necessary to help improve the world we live in.

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