Design & Deploy UAS Applications

With the rapid pace of unmanned aerial systems spreading into new applications and market spaces, demand is also increasing for new tools that facilitate and streamline the processes of developing, training, and deploying Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Presagis simulation, sensor and avionics development tools offer solutions to the growing challenges of developing and operating unmanned systems, from R&D and testing, to building ground control stations and trainers, to optimizing your equipment fleet.

Development Tools for UAS Applications

Presagis tools can support the development of applications such as:


UAS Platform Research, Development, and Test Benches

Presagis modeling and simulation tools make it easier than ever to design and test your UAV and Sensor models before they get implemented and deployed. With FlightSIM and HeliSIM for physics-based flight dynamics and control systems, Vega Prime for high- performance unlimited round-earth terrain visualization, and NVG, IR and Radar simulation, you can test both design and performance in a high-fidelity simulation environment.


UAS Ground Control Stations and Trainers

Whether your staff is training or operating an actual UAS, the Ground Control Station is a critical component of your mission. Presagis background in FAA certifiable HMI for aircraft glass cockpits combined with our high-fidelity flight systems simulation and sensor expertise provides the tools you need to quickly build and deploy UAS Ground Control Stations and Trainers.

3D Sensor Imagery Mapping & Viewing

By bringing 3D to UAS imagery, Presagis solutions allow you to view your sensor images like you have never seen them before. Viewing imagery on a 3D map allows UAS operators to better understand how to best approach their critical scanning missions while taking into account topology and human built environment such as buildings, transmission towers, wind turbines and other elevated structures. For this, Terra Vista allows for fast and precise conversion of GIS and imagery data into a wide variety of synthetic 3D terrain database formats while Vega Prime’s high-performance visualization engine offers flexible 3D viewing capabilities.

UAS Screenshot


Fleet and Equipment Planning & Optimization

Selecting an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for a project can be a real challenge. Just as every platform has its strengths and weaknesses, so too does every camera and gimbal. The challenge becomes even more complicated when the project includes multiple or varied cameras and sensors. Presagis allows you to meet this challenge by helping you simulate different UAV and sensor combinations. By offering a solution that enables you to make more informed purchasing choices, Presagis helps you to ensure that you get the most from your investment and deliver the end-performance your customers require. 



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The Presagis portfolio presents developers with field-proven tools for aircraft modeling, design, and flight simulation, certifiable human-machine interface development, mission simulation and visualization, and high-resolution 3D content creation, which seamlessly integrate to form a unified solution.


Fixed- and Rotary-wing Flight Simulation

Presagis FlightSIM & HeliSIM provide the modeling tools to create any kind of UAS, with physics- based flight dynamics for true performance-based simulation without writing a single line of code. Simulate a wide variety of aircraft driven by rigid or flexible blade models, turbojet, turbofan, turboprop, turboshaft, piston engines, or by a user customized performance engine.

Mission Management with STAGE

Create and fine-tune complex simulation scenarios, and define the behavior and interaction of thousands of entities, including crowd behaviors and simulated vehicle traffic. Scenarios can easily include secondary AI-based characters and vehicles that behave in natural patterns. With native support for DIS/HLA, STAGE can be seamlessly integrated with other virtual environments to partake in large, cross-organization federated simulations.

Powerful Visualization with Vega Prime and Advanced Sensors

Presagis Vega Prime offers multiple channels, each featuring independent Fields of View (FOV) and Levels of Detail (LOD) over the same GIS and imagery data. Calendar-accurate sun illumination, ephemeris-based planet positions, and atmospheric simulation including temperature, wind, fog, clouds, rain, and snow all contribute to creating a rich simulation experience. Vega Prime also supports simulated sensor views for payload operations training, including night vision goggles (NVG), infrared (IR), and SAR/ISAR/RBGM radar.

Certifiable HMI with VAPS XT

Presagis VAPS XT is a HMI development and code generation environment for building Ground Control Stations. VAPS XT is fully certifiable to DO-178 and ARINC 661 specifications, so you can develop your GCS with peace of mind as airspace legislation evolves.

Market-leading Content Creation Tools

Create and prepare simulation-optimized 3D models of aircraft, vehicles, buildings, bridges, and more with Presagis Creator. Presagis Terra Vista converts GIS and imagery data into a 3D terrain databases that combine geo-specific features and geo-typical generated environments.

Professional Services

The Presagis Technical Services Team has years of UAS experience and is available to help you with your projects, large or small. Technical expertise to help you get started, supporting your ongoing development efforts, specialized product training or terrain database development services—our team can help you get the most from your UAS solution.