Urban Planning

The planning and analysis of urban development is complex and incorporates many factors to consider such as land use, population, traffic, safety, environment, economy, aesthetics and more.

Challenges & Trends

The impact of urban planning on traffic congestion, urban sprawl, resource consumption and the environment must all be taken into consideration.

The Solution

Presagis offers Modeling & Simulation software for critical decision makers to analyze planning options and anticipate any problems against multiple urban planning scenarios. Assess the impact of buildings, roads, terrain, transportation, factories, retail locations, crowds and more in your scenario. Whether planning for a new development or the evolution of existing terrain, Presagis has the solutions required to accurately model and simulate designs.  Software solutions include:


  • Creator: Model high-fidelity, realistic 3D simulation content. The world’s most popular 3D modeling tool enables users to develop urban simulations complete with virtual terrain, roads, buildings, railways, bridges, trees and environmental conditions.
  • Vega Prime: This real-time 3D application development software gives users the framework needed to rapidly configure, create, and deploy advanced visual applications. Visualize and analyze landscapes and buildings before they are built.
  • STAGE: Generate and execute complex scenarios for training and analysis. Build dynamic and interactive real-time 3D scenarios for Urban Planning applications. Enhance realism by adding artificial intelligence to scenarios. STAGE offers out-of-the-box features, including containment, record and playback and artificial intelligence.


Presagis Modeling & Simulation software is invaluable in helping urban planners create realistic, large-scale simulations with high-levels of detail while keeping financial, environmental, social and budgetary goals in balance. Navigate through scenarios and evaluate and analyze designs before development begins to reduce risk and improve the effectiveness of plans. Effectively determine the best possible scenario for your urban development.