UAS Payload Operator Training

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have evolved far beyond the battlefield to serve an ever-increasing number of civilian purposes. The range and function of payload technology has expanded accordingly, creating demand for many new training applications for payload operators.

Challenges & Trends

The reduced human and technology costs associated with UAS have made increased surveillance, monitoring, and analysis possible for a number of industries. These include:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining & natural resource exploration
  • Wildlife research & survey
  • 3D mapping
  • Photography and film production
  • Oil & gas exploitation
  • Product delivery
  • Forest firefighting
  • Homeland security
  • Police work

In order to meet the unique needs of these diverse applications, payload technology has become an increasingly complex array of camera, sensor, telemetry, nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) detection, and autopilot systems. Simulation integrators and developers are tasked with recreating new and complex functionality such as electro-optical, infrared and meteorological sensors, laser designator systems, and LiDAR.

The Solution

The Presagis M&S Suite 14 has everything integrators and developers need to meet the growing challenges of simulating new UAS Payload functionality. Presagis delivers the only modeling and simulation development framework complete enough to simulate emerging payload technologies in applications that also provide complete control over training scenario generation as well as high-resolution, game-quality visuals.

The upcoming release of VAPS XT 4.1 includes support for multi-touch device interactivity and a new Digital Map interface that helps the development of map applications and provides a generic way to integrate map-rendering software.

From the operator ground station to the camera and sensor controls of an airborne UAS, M&S Suite 14 can help you to build and deploy the most sophisticated, up-to-date UAS Payload Operator Training applications.

Watch the video to learn more about how to develop a complete UAS Ground Station Operator Demonstrator using Presagis tools.