UAS Operator Training

For a growing variety of missions on today’s battlefields, an increasing number of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are being deployed to complement manned aircraft and to support ground forces. As a result, the effective training of UAS operators has become vital for achieving mission success and for ensuring troop safety.

Challenges & Trends

As the capabilities of unmanned aerial systems rapidly continue to increase, demand has grown at an exceptional pace. The caliber of UAS pilots remain high, and organizations must meet the need to rehearse trainees for mission readiness. In order to be effective, it is critical that UAS operators are trained to fly the aircraft, operate and interpret sensor data, and to work in tandem with other UAS and manned systems, as well as the ground forces they are supporting. Training must also familiarize operators to perform a variety of missions using different payloads on any platform, including weapons, sensors, etc. Moreover, the training environment must equip UAS operators with high-fidelity, realistic visuals and controls to provide a true-to-life experience.

COTS M&S tools provide solutions to develop UAS training programs that ensure that organizations stay at the forefront of innovative and successful training programs, while remaining within budget.

The Solution

To help in the development of training applications for UAS pilots, Presagis offers a full suite of integrated COTS software that is well suited for use in the simulation of ground station control interfaces, as well as UAS flight dynamics. The Presagis product portfolio offers a flexible and cost effective solution to simulate realistic flight trajectories, generate evolving threats, provide high-fidelity sensor displays and accurately reproduce control station functionality.

Presagis tools are easily extendable and customizable so users can rapidly create and deploy UAS simulation environments. With each tool providing a rich graphical user interface, developers are able configure all aspects of their application. For example, changes can easily be made to mission parameters or a flight model and then immediately re-tested and visualized in the simulation. UAS simulation requirements make the use of Presagis COTS software an excellent choice to improve the quality of a simulation application without being locked into expensive and proprietary training systems.

Watch the video to learn more about how to develop a complete UAS Ground Station Operator Demonstrator using Presagis tools.

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