Sensor Operator Training

Delivery of accurate sensor views in an application can be one of the biggest challenges facing a developer.  

Challenges & Trends

Correlation is key and a lot is required to ensure the different pieces of the application will successfully work together. From tagging the virtual environment with the appropriate sensor signature material to generation of images of the sensor algorithm and actual visualization, providing a realistic, accurate, quantitative sensor simulation display is a complex and time consuming task.

The Solution

Presagis offers a number of sensor simulation products that are developed to deliver the realism and fidelity required to simulate real-world visual sensor displays. These extensible modules plug directly into the Vega Prime environment, and use the same synthetic environments as Vega Prime for correlated out-the-window, NVG, infrared, and radar views.

Using this toolkit approach, users can easily control and extend the parameters, as well as modify the results.

The available functionality includes the ability to create realistic NVG and infrared effects such as blooming, persistence, random temporal noise, and jitter. Vega Prime Radar offers multiple modes including DBS, RBGM, SAR, and ISAR.

STAGE, using its internal sensor model can simulate radar behaviors and interactions out-of-the-box. Due to its great flexibility STAGE can also replace this internal module with a specific 3rd party module depending on the fidelity  expected for the simulated sensors. 

The content creation software from Presagis help with the radar signature definitions for the 3D models simulated.