RTCA DO-178/EUROCAE ED-12 Qualifiable / Certifiable Solutions

Safety and mission critical software for aircraft applications.

Challenges & Trends

Whether building commercial or military airplanes, safety is the first concern for every phase of production. There is no margin of error; precision is absolutely critical. The guidance for the development cycle of any software embedded in airborne equipment are among the most stringent for software development in the world. Every line of code embedded in any airborne system must be tested and verified and must conform to rigorous guidelines of accuracy, consistency, verifiability, and compatibility. As a result, the certification processes associated with embedded code production caused tremendous overhead for avionics developers.

The Solution

Both VAPS XT-178 for C++ coded applications and VAPS QCG for C-coded applications from Presagis have been developed to conform to DO-178/ED-12 as a development tool and are thus qualifiable. DO-178/ED-12 stipulates that tools can only be qualified on a given project, and VAPS QCG has been qualified on a number of projects using the VAPS QCG Certification Kit, while VAPS XT-178 was qualified on programs using the VAPS XT-178 Certification kit.

With VAPS XT-178 and VAPS QCG, a user can automate a number of processes and reduce the level of effort spent on certification.  Some of our customers gave us feedback that they were able to achieve time savings of up to 70-80% across an entire project. The time savings included factors such as, the number of engineers working on the project, developer experience, and the complexity of the actual application being built.

Presagis is also the first vendor to offer a COTS OpenGL® SC 1.0 API-compliant graphics driver for safety-critical embedded environments. The SeaWind-178 product family, together with its complement of services and experienced staff, supports the entire software lifecycle needs of its customers, from requirements and design to the DO-178/ED-12 certification process.