Radar Task Training

 Simulate Radar applications in real-world training scenarios

Challenges & Trends

Providing personnel with advanced knowledge and experience through simulation reduces real-world training time and costs, and avoids the health risks and high energy costs associated with experimenting with the strong electro-magnetic fields of live radar.

Public and private corporations, government entities, and university research labs all thrive on using simulation to speed up the development of training systems.

The Solution

Ondulus Radar offers a tightly integrated simulation environment that will contribute to helping you build first-rate radar training systems.
Ondulus Radar’s superior fidelity allows organizations to train personnel at operating radar applications in a wide variety of situations with market-leading fidelity and high performance.

You can simulate the behavior of both ground-based radar at a given geographic location, or radar onboard simulated vehicles and aircrafts to better understand how distance, mobility, and speed affects your applications.

Fully Configurable Radar Parameters

Ondulus Radar offers Application Programming Interface (API) control of parameters such as transmitter power, frequency and pulse width as well as control of antenna pattern and gain to best match your specific operation and performance requirements under different atmospheric and marine conditions.

Track Entities and Chaffs

Track entities and chaff definitions can be manually created or automatically imported from STAGE. Definitions support DIS entity type, radar cross section and OpenFlight 3D geometry. Ondulus Radar also offers native network interoperability with most simulation engines on the market allowing easy integration into larger federated systems.

The Power of CDB

Through CDB, Ondulus Radar users develop rich ground material databases that can cover the whole earth, and offer multi-user and multi-resolution points of view to enable even the most stringent radar applications.

Outstanding Performance

Ondulus Radar was designed with computational performance in mind for training. This translates to higher-density scenes than most other solutions on the market.

Wide Export Capabilities

Developed in Canada, Ondulus Radar is a product that can be integrated in any solution, allowing it to be deployed and supported almost anywhere in the world.

Take Your Radar for a Ride with FlightSIMHeliSIM and STAGE

Presagis M&S Suite makes it easy to mount your radar simulator on a virtual vehicle, ship, aircraft, helicopter or UAS.

Integrate Your Radar as Real-life Instrumentation with VAPS XT

Combined with VAPS XT, Ondulus Radar can be packaged to bring maximum realism, and provide the operation modes required for task training ( e.g. environmental conditions ), research, and development test bench.