Network Centric Operations

A key component of military operation success is the ability to convert intelligence data into an information advantage that can be leveraged on the battlefield.   

Challenges & Trends

Network centric operations systems are designed to address this need. They bring the processing of intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance data together into an integrated network with battle management technology. This means that intelligence data can be channeled into the battle management system to coordinate the operation - or in some cases the battlefield simulation.

This advanced system provides a powerful edge through advanced networked capabilities, shared situational awareness, improved collaborative planning, and enhanced speed and agility. It allows for testing the performance of all types of equipment and platforms in virtual scenarios and to reproduce a realistic virtual battlefield encompassing the entire "sensor" to "shooter" chain, including the command, control and information networks.

Key challenges with network centric operations relate to the scalability and interoperability of the software products used in the system and the various networks required to share data. Usability of these systems is also an important factor. Technology needs to be available to address these issues to ensure network centric operation systems offer the intelligence and intuitive interface required for use in mission critical situations.

The Solution

COTS modeling and simulation software provide a solution perfectly suited to the requirements of network centric operations. Presagis provides simulation, content creation and visualization tools that offer out-of-the-box features that be can be used in an integrated development workflow environment. 

These user friendly products provide the full range of functionality needed to create battlefield simulations - from content creation to data analysis. This ensures that you are able to focus on the core of operation system rather than spending time integrating disparate software solutions into one seamless solution.