Military Ground Vehicle Simulation

Presagis software tools can be used to create immersive and highly realistic military ground vehicle training simulations in order to help vehicle crews to identify and react to potential threats in the battle space.

Challenges & Trends

Military vehicles for urban environments have become very sophisticated, carrying complex tactical, navigational, and communications equipment and displays that are only as effective as the soldier’s ability to use them.

The Solution

The Presagis product portfolio is ideally suited for training individuals how to coordinate various activities or operations occurring simultaneously, collaborate with other vehicles, or react to unexpected threats. Our products allow for the development of immersive training simulations in which trainees can collaborate, respond, and interoperate in real world situations with other trainees and the environment to effectively depict the battlefield.

Interoperability allows for communication between several complex training exercise scenarios developed using simulation, artificial intelligence, and visualization software tools such as STAGE and Vega Prime.

Terra Vista and Creator are ideal for developing accurate and realistic virtual environments, vehicle models, and road networks for vehicles. With STAGE, users can simulate threats, civilians, and friendly entities and can employ AI.implant for gunnery training. Vega Prime is perfect for visualizing the simulation on a PC or a projection system, and Vega Prime Sensor Products make it easy to integrate realistic sensor simulations. Users can leverage the integration of Vega Prime and VAPS XT to create advanced vehicle controls and Human-Machine Interfaces for use with generated 3D scenes. Presagis Visualization and HMI products can also be deployed to embedded systems for military ground vehicle embedded training.

Presagis products can also be used in conjunction with some of our partner technology, for instance Vortex by CMLabs. Vortex for Vega Prime is a flexible platform for simulating land-based vehicles or machines with real-world attributes. The comprehensive feature set includes rigid-body dynamics, a comprehensive joint library with motors and limits, accurate collision detection, and vehicle dynamics.  Applications developers can create gears, motors, suspension models, hydraulics, wheels, tracks, and other components that, when assembled, result in a vehicle or machine that moves and behaves correctly.  In addition, developers are able to add physics to all the objects in a scene for a truly interactive simulation with no restrictions on behavior. Read more about Vortex.