HMI Tool and Software Driver Bundles

Save cost by purchasing your HMI tools and drivers together.  

Challenges & Trends

In the past, application level software for developing embedded Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and software drivers were developed and maintained by different vendors. Issues related to graphics performance and optimization could be difficult to pinpoint and resolve, particularly when it involved the collaboration of several vendors. Systems integrators require rapid response and timely fixes for any issues they may face when developing their next generation embedded platforms.

The Solution

Presagis offers HMI modeling tool and software driver bundles. These bundles are available for many different types of GPUs, including those provided by Intel, S3 Graphics and NVIDIA. In addition to benefitting from a discount when purchasing both products together, there are many advantages to sourcing both HMI tool and software driver from Presagis:

  • Ease of integration. Integration of the graphics stack is tricky and subject to a myriad of possible problems. An integrated stack creates fewer opportunities for these problems to occur and thus provides a higher chance for easy success of integration.
  • Efficiency. A well-thought out integrated stack uses resources, including CPU, GPU and memory more efficiently than two discrete components that are developed and integrated in isolation.
  • Ease of certification. There’s a lower chance that issues encountered during certification will include a mismatch of requirements between the HMI and the driver.
  • Centralized support. By offering both drivers and HMI tools as one company, Presagis can identify and resolve support issues in a timely manner.
  • Feature set path. As the HMI and driver team are being developed jointly, the features each can bring to bear, as their products are being developed in a fully cooperative fashion, are more compelling than if the two products were being developed in relative isolation.