HMI Tool and Digital Map Solution

Integrated digital maps with graphics overlays.

Challenges & Trends

Digital map technology has existed for many years but has only recently become a highly desired technology in the Aerospace and Defense domain, particularly in military aircraft. While there are several excellent digital map products on the market, many systems integrators are looking for the ability to customize the core technology or to add custom symbology overlays. Changing or adding to the core digital map capability to provide custom functionality can create performance issues.

The Solution

VAPS XT 3.1 and later versions integrate with the SoftMap digital map software for the creation of applications with navigation maps directly in VAPS XT. SoftMap® is a product of General Dynamics UK, used in generating platform independent software solutions for the display of multi-layered digital map, navigation, and terrain displays, as well as full tactical situation awareness systems. VAPS XT uses a new Digital Map object to manage placement of the digital map within an application. The Digital Map object is a container object which can contain Map, Intervisibility, Height-above-terrain (HAT), grid layers, two new Line Of Sight (LoS) layers, and VAPS XT overlays. An evaluation version of SoftMap is now provided with all versions of VAPS XT after version 3.1.

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