Helicopter Simulation

Develop low cost high-fidelity helicopter simulation systems.

Challenges & Trends

Helicopters are complex to handle, to pilot, and to operate in any situation, especially in critical civilian and military operations. It is widely acknowledged by the helicopter industry that the current helicopter accident rate is excessive and that solutions must be found to address the problem and to improve pilot skills. As this market looks to improve its safety record, simulation-based training is seen as a viable method to significantly increase the safety of rotary-wing aviation.

The Solution

By leveraging M&S technology, the safety and effectiveness of helicopter operations can be greatly improved by providing pilots with regular training within difficult conditions and scenarios, which would otherwise be too difficult or dangerous to replicate in live training exercises.  The use of integrated software from Presagis is a cost-effective way to develop the high-fidelity simulation systems required to duplicate real-world environments that are necessary to help pilots prepare for their missions.


Helicopter Training System Components

Presagis tools enable the creation, modification and re-use of simulation systems that can help to maintain pilot and operator readiness between periods of downtime, when it may not be possible to train on a helicopter. With built-in flexibility to “mix and match” features and levels of fidelity required from different simulations, Presagis helps developers rise to the challenge of building truly immersive and effective pilot training systems.


Developing Deployable Helicopter Simulators

With requirements to operate on a global scale, the demand for lightweight, deployable simulation has gained significant interest in the helicopter market. With the integration of Presagis software and helicopter hardware, including cockpit and flight controls, customers can design affordable and conveniently transportable simulation systems, without the need to operate large dedicated flight training facilities.

To accelerate project development or to provide expert help, the Presagis Technical Services team can help expedite a program deliverable and extend Presagis software with 3rd party tools and hardware to deliver next-generation helicopter simulation and training solutions. From initial compliant design and definition to a deployed ready-for-training system, the Presagis Technical Services team will assess customer requirements and propose the optimal solution to maximize your ROI in Presagis software while also benefiting from faster integration and roll-out of your application.


Helicopter Simulation Customer Applications

Below are just some examples of how organizations are using Presagis software to build or enhance their simulation applications:

AMST Systemtechnik GmbH - Airfox DISO Simulator
To help prepare pilots to overcome helicopter disorientation effects during human factors training, AMST’s Visualization Software team used Creator and Vega Prime to develop the Airfox DISO simulator.

The Boeing Company - Apache Simulator
Presagis's multi-channel, out-the-window solution brings enhanced features to the Block III Apache simulator, including realistic rendering of special and environment effects, weather states and rotor effects, as well as entity and large-area terrain management features.

ESG - SeaLynx Cockpit Procedure Trainer
ESG uses STAGE to develop the SeaLynx Helicopter CPT for the German Navy.

Oktal and Roy Aircraft & Avionic Simulation Inc.  – Tiger Helicopter Prototype
Working with HeliSIM, a development team from Oktal, RAAS and Presagis overcame a lack of data to create an ADS-33 qualified prototype of the Tiger helicopter.

With HeliSIM as the core modeling software, we were able to develop a comprehensive and effective methodology for building, calibrating, and testing the aircraft models for the simulator. In the end, we were able to instrument the model to perform live calibration with the pilot and to maximize the effectiveness of the time spent in the simulator

- Stéphane Roy, Roy Aircraft & Avionic Simulation Inc.,