Facilities Security

Designing and maintaining facility security represents a multifaceted challenge to building owners who must plan for unforeseen events such as earthquakes, fire, power failures, terrorist attacks, and more.

Challenges & Trends

Facilities such as water treatment, food processing, nuclear, energy, oil refineries, etc. entail many different safety issues that demand thorough planning. The safety of workers and occupants and lowering the risk of injury must be top of mind.  

Therefore, being prepared with a well thought out evacuation plan is critical. Whether developing a new construction or revising safety plans for an existing building, Presagis can help users develop an effective crowd management plan and improve the safety and well being of those inside.

The Solution

Presagis Modeling and Simulation software helps building owners to model scenarios that are too dangerous, expensive and impractical to run in real life. Users can experiment with different scenarios and environmental factors to measure and analyze evacuation time, best routes and safe meeting places.  Simulate multiple “what if” scenarios such as door blockages and building damage to ensure evacuees find emergency exits in a timely fashion.  Presagis Modeling & Simulation software combines highly-realistic visual imagery and artificial intelligence to give simulations the most realism. Software solutions include:


  • Creator: Model realistic building exteriors and interiors that are easily customizable. Draw walls and place doors, windows, stairs, and even furniture with full control over location and size. Import building plans in a variety of image formats.  
  • Vega Prime: This real-time 3D application development software gives users the framework needed to rapidly configure, create, and deploy advanced visual applications. Include the Vega Prime Camera Effects add-on module to simulate color or monochrome video for any type of surveillance or closed circuit video system.
  • STAGE: Generate and execute complex scenarios for training and analysis. Build dynamic and interactive real-time 3D scenarios for Facilities Security applications. Enhance realism by adding artificial intelligence to scenarios. STAGE offers out-of-the-box features, including containment, record and playback and artificial intelligence.


With Presagis software, experiment with multiple different scenarios to pinpoint deficiencies, improve effectiveness and evaluate building security to determine the best course of action. Analyze scenarios, assess risk and prepare well thought out evacuation procedures.  By using Presagis Modeling & Simulation software for Facilities Security, objectively identify which strategies have the greatest effect on improving safety.