COTS Hardware with Presagis Drivers

Integrated embedded hardware and software solutions.

Challenges & Trends

There are many excellent COTS hardware vendors providing latest generation embedded computing solutions. However, the hardware is only as good as the graphics driver powering its associated graphics processing unit (GPU). Creating and maintaining a software driver for COTS hardware is a time consuming and expensive task.

The Solution

Presagis has partnered with several premiere embedded computing partners. These partners provide (OEM) Presagis SeaWind software drivers with their hardware solutions. The following platforms ship with Presagis software drivers:


Curtiss Wright Controls

XMC-710 Dual Output Input Graphics XMC

The XMC-710 is a VITA 42.3, PCI Express based XMC form factor, ruggedized, high-performance, dual output, graphics controller with video capture capability. The XMC-710 graphics controller is the first rugged Mil/Aero COTS XMC to make use of the industry leading NVIDIA G73M GPU. Combined with Curtiss-Wright’s extensive video capture and processing capabilities, user defined video modes and enhanced bandwidth of PCI Express, the XMC-710 has the features and flexibility to serve the most demanding graphics and video applications.

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GE Intelligent Platforms


Using the latest in desktop performance technology, GE Intelligent Platform's MAGIC1 Rugged Display Computer delivers unprecedented graphics performance to the rugged marketplace. Combining the processing power of the Intel Core 2 Duo with the NVIDIA G73, connected together with 16-lane PCI ExpressTM, the MAGIC1 Rugged Display Processor is capable of driving the industry’s most demanding visual applications.

Other Platforms: