Battle Lab

From content creation to the visualization of a simulation, Presagis software solves the issue of interconnectivity and can interoperate with existing 3rd party tools to setup command and control (C2) training rooms and processes.

Challenges & Trends

Battle Labs are a fairly new concept that allow for the virtual experimentation of new technology and solutions before they are fielded in battle.  The goal is to test the latest in battlefield organization, tactics, doctrine, and technological capabilities to determine their potential value early on in the acquisition process - before significant investment has been made in their preparation and deployment.  By using simulations or prototypes, the Battle Lab can cost-effectively evaluate battlefield performance of new technology or solutions.

To maximize the effectiveness of a Battle Lab it is critical that easy-to-use technology be in place that will allow for the lab to create all possible testing scenarios required to validate the value of the technology, tactic or solution being analyzed.  Battle Labs are increasingly using modeling and simulation technology to support their efforts in analysis, design evaluation, and experimentation.  Testing and analysis becomes more time consuming and costly when modeling and simulation software requires complex coding and do not effectively integrate to allow for quick design and development of simulations.

The Solution

Presagis offers a full line of modeling and simulation software that can be leveraged in Battle Labs for analysis, design evaluation, and experimentation:

  • Computer Generated Forces (CGF) software allows for the development and execution of doctrines and missions so that these can be properly evaluated.
  • 3-D modeling software allows for the creation of true-to-life virtual terrain and models that can be used in testing scenarios.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) software allows for the integration of the human factor into testing and analysis of battlefield tactics.
  • Visualization software can be used by the lab to view the simulated battlefield from different points of reference allowing for analysis of different perspectives.

We typically generate thousands of blue-air entities for VF events with STAGE.

- Major d’Artagnan R. de Anda, Assistant Director for Operations at DMOC, Distributed Missions Operations Centre of the US Air Force