Air Traffic Management

In the next decade, air traffic is expected to double.  This increase of passengers and traffic is creating huge demands on airports to improve efficiency, performance and safety.

Challenges & Trends

Additionally, this may demand that airports redesign and reconstruct to accommodate more people and reconfigure runways. If not done properly, the result could be flight delays, congested airports, or worse, accidents. This complex endeavor involves the combined actions with many entities including airlines, airports, the FAA, and more. Decision support tools are needed to design and validate different simulated strategies and determine their impact on safety.

The Solution

Presagis Modeling & Simulation software addresses the increasing complexities of managing air travel. Users can create realistic air traffic management (ATM) scenarios in order to improve safety and airport efficiency.  Easily recreate realistic renderings of airports and simulate multiple ATM scenarios. Software solutions include:


  • Creator: Depict large-volume air traffic environments.  The world’s most popular 3D modeling tool enables users to create detailed runways, roads, buildings, aircraft, terrain, and more.
  • Vega Prime: This real-time 3D application development software gives users the framework needed to rapidly configure, create, and deploy advanced visual applications.
  • STAGE: Generate and execute complex scenarios for training and analysis. Build dynamic and interactive real-time 3D scenarios for ATM applications. Enhance realism by adding artificial intelligence to scenarios. STAGE offers out-of-the-box features, including containment, record and playback and artificial intelligence.

Solve the problem of interoperability between disparate simulation applications by connecting multiple ATM simulations together for a truly realistic experience. Create highly realistic simulations to make air traffic safer and more efficient. Analyze multiple scenarios to reduce airport congestion of both aircraft and passenger traffic, better plan flight trajectories and ensure preparedness and the safety of others. By using Presagis software, users are empowered to maximize airport performance, save costs and proactively avoid risk.