Air Traffic Control

The training of air traffic controllers (ATCs) is dangerous and risky to perform in the field.

Challenges & Trends

Thousands of lives depend on the ATCs ability to make split-second decisions; therefore it must be done in a simulated environment. Trainers need to assess how ATC students communicate, coordinate and perform their tasks.

The Solution

Presagis offers Modeling & Simulation software to build applications that simulate real-world situations for training and decision making without putting lives at risk. Create highly realistic simulations of air traffic flow, take-offs, landings and ground traffic for effective tower training. Develop multiple scenarios and flight plans to determine how the ATC controls incoming and outgoing air traffic. Software solutions include:


  • Creator: Model realistic tower training environments. The world’s most popular 3D modeling tool enables users to create detailed runways, roads, buildings, aircraft, terrain, and more.
  • Vega Prime: This real-time 3D application development software gives users the framework needed to rapidly configure, create, and deploy advanced visual applications.
  • STAGE: Generate and execute complex scenarios for training and analysis. Enhance realism by adding artificial intelligence to scenarios. Give vehicles and people complex behavior and determine how the ATC reacts to the situation.


Analyze how the ATC handles complex traffic situations and workload. By using Presagis software, users can create simulations that give ATC students the opportunity to develop their skills in a highly realistic environment. Improve ATC decision making and minimize risk, while at the same time save time and money.