Project-Specific Training Workshop

The Presagis technical services group develops and runs regularly scheduled training workshops every year around the world. 

However, since these standard product training classes may not completely meet the needs of our users, the technical services group offers customized training workshops. Customized workshop agendas are created with close customer input and can occur either on site or at any Presagis facility. The content and emphasis of the training is flexible, and we strive to focus on the specific areas highlighted by the trainees. As with all training services, workshops are delivered professionally by a highly knowledgeable and experienced instructor.

Various sample Presagis workshops include:

  • Vega Prime application development
  • Lyra and Lyra Sensor system integration (host and distributed)
  • VAPS fundamentals product training
  • Flightsim/Helisim product training
  • VAPS XT ARINC 661 widget creation
  • AI.implant product training
  • Creator customized plug-in training
  • STAGE customized plug-in training
  • STAGE Developer Training
  • Advance Terra Vista training

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