Product Customization

Presagis understands that customers have unique needs. We therefore offer specific services to extend the capabilities of our tools in a variety of ways. 

Product extensions are developed to be optimized for your current environment and are tailored for your specific implementation.

Specific tool customization examples for Creator include:

  • Support for new/modified wizards (i.e. airport wizard, sign wizard)
  • Support for additional export formats

Specific tool customization examples for Terra Vista include:

  • Support for an additional output compiler
  • Support for the import/export of new or customized GIS data formats, such as Urban Feature Data 3
  • Assistance integrating 3rd party plug-ins or applications into Terra Vista
  • Development of customized features or capabilities to enhance or improve your work-flow with Terra Vista

Specific tool customization examples for our HMI products include:

  • Extensions to DesignDoc
  • Custom objects and calculators

Specific tool customization examples for our Simulation products include:

  • Enhance existing Weather model
  • Enhance existing Ballistic Weapons behavior model
  • Custom STAGE User Modules supporting QualNet Comms
  • Custom Plugins for Datalink environment supporting L16, L11 and VMF message formats

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