Reducing Mission Rehearsal and Training Application Production Timelines Using the Common Database (CDB) - Presented at the 2009 IMAGE Conference

Nick Giannias

Traditional synthetic environment database generation techniques have favored proprietary formats closely tied to the client systems in use. This has primarily been a runtime performance issue, requiring a publishing step to assemble and optimize source data in keeping with the requirements of the client. The availability of high performance computers, especially multi-core processors, has brought into question the need for proprietary databases and the potential for using the additional computational capacity to standardize on a single database format. The CDB is a database specification designed to be a single format that can be used to serve a variety of clients as a runtime database. Tests have been carried out to compare the time required to generate a CDB with other database formats. Results have shown that use of the CDB can reduce the overall production timeline when multiple clients are integrated as part of an overall system.