2014 CDB User Group Webinar

The CDB format, which is managed by Presagis, is well established in the M&S community and has been widely adopted within the market as a result of the high level of flexibility, open connectivity, and interoperability of the format.

In this webinar, Chief Architect at Presagis, Hermann Brassard, Senior Technical Fellow at CAE, Bernie Lalonde,  and Technical Specialist at CAE,Bernard Leclerc provided an overview of the latest developments in the CDB format and answered questions from users. 

  • Overview of the CDB User Group and New CDB Web Resources
  • Overview of What's New in CDB 3.2
  • What’s next for CDB? Ideas for the next revision of the CDB format and tools, including a look at the Future Virtual World Paradigm and support for Dynamic Synthetic Environment Simulations.