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Product demonstration and customer application videos are a great way to learn about our products and how you can use them in development of your applications.


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  • Presagis Trailer MIX v6 1080p

    Demonstration of a border surveillance control scenario.

    Presagis Trailer MIX v6 1080p


    STAGE is a simulation software tool that provides users with the ability to generate and execute complex scenarios for training and analysis applications. The software enables developers to work in a flexible, integrated simulation environment to build dynamic and interactive tactical and operational scenarios. From flight training and ground simulation training to new concept analysis, STAGE is the most cost effective tool for replicating real world conditions in realistic synthetic environments. For more information, click here:


  • Terra Vista

    Terra Vista is a software tool used by database developers and terrain specialists to generate sophisticated terrain databases. With the ability to import and export more file formats than any other terrain generation tool on the market, Terra Vista has the highest level of correlation between SAF and visual databases. The software enables users to rapidly produce large-scale terrain databases through the use of intelligent automation tools. Fast processing times are achieved using capabilities that distribute the computational processing requirements to other resources in the network. For more information, click here:

    Terra Vista


    VAPS XT is a full-featured and advanced software tool for the rapid development of dynamic, interactive graphical interfaces for safety and mission-critical avionics and embedded displays. VAPS XT offers unparalleled control and flexibility in the design of dynamic, interactive, real time human machine interfaces (HMIs). For more information, click here:


  • Vega Prime

    Vega Prime is a visualization software toolkit that provides the framework to rapidly configure, create, and deploy advanced real-time 3D simulation applications. Its flexible plug-in architecture facilitates faster design and prototyping, and supports standards based connectivity with other simulation systems via integrated DIS, HLA, and CIGI support. What's more, Vega Prime's architecture supports a high degree of customization—allowing users to tailor the application to fit their design requirements. For more information, click here:

    Vega Prime

  • Rapid Terrain Generation

    Quickly create synthetic environments from intelligence data and use these environments for mission preparation. To learn more about the Presagis products used in this demo, please visit: - Creator: - Terra Vista: - Vega Prime:

    Rapid Terrain Generation

  • Presagis Customer Testimonial

    Presagis Customer Testimonial

  • SEGen Server

    Break the boundaries of database development with Presagis SEGen Server. Generate 3D synthetic environments at run-time and save valuable time and cost. To learn more, visit

    SEGen Server

  • Vega Prime - 3D Visual Application Development

    Vega Prime is the most flexible, extensible off-the-shelf tool available for the rapid creation and deployment of accurate visual simulation applications.

    Vega Prime - 3D Visual Application Development