Lockheed Martin - Combat Convoy Simulator

Lockheed Martin developed the Combat Convoy Simulator to provide more realistic and immersive training for today's warfighter.

Lockheed Martin - Combat Convoy SimulatorThe Combat Convoy Simulator (CCS) was developed by Lockheed Martin to meet the urgent training needs of today's warfighter.  It represents the next generation in a line of Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer simulators and provides an immersive training environment for a variety of military vehicles, including HMMWV and the MTVR for the U.S. Marine Corps.  To achieve the immersive realism neccesary for the simulator, the Lockheed Martin development team employed several Presagis software solutions. The team used Presagis Terra Vista to rapidly generate the terrain and scene content for the geographically challenging areas in which the training exercises occur. And, using Presagis Creator, they created the realistic vehicles and models within the scene.

In addition, the CCS training scenarios also include hundreds of Presagis AI.implant controlled characters with realistic intelligent behaviors that simulate human and crowd activities. By integrating and customizing AI.implant technology, developers were able to create a runtime authoring capability that can change the number of characters and their behavior in order to provide an adaptive training experience.