Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) MLM Division - Air and Land Command & Control Integrated Systems Project

MLM employs Vega Prime at the heart of its new management system to offer decision makers complete command and control over their forces.

Vega Prime at the Heart of MLM’s New Approach to Management Systems

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) is the largest aerospace and defense company in Israel.  Specializing in solutions for a wide range of air, land, sea, space, and homeland defense needs, IAI creates and supplies advanced systems for Israel’s Ministry of Defense and other groups worldwide.  To meet these needs, IAI is divided into several groups that can focus on providing targeted solutions for a variety of end-users.

Part of their Systems, Missiles and Space group is MLM, IAI’s leading system integration house.  MLM is a multifaceted design, development, and systems engineering organization.  Its projects include Air and Missile Defense Systems, Advanced Avionics, Simulation and Training Systems, Crisis and Emergency Management Solutions, and C41Air and Land Command & Control Integrated Systems.

For a recent Air and Land Command & Control Integrated Systems project, the team at MLM developed a new management approach that draws on the company’s expertise and existing customer infrastructure, as well as on currently available technology and advanced Information Technology (IT) tools.  The system is the result of over thirty years of significant knowledge and experience in designing and executing national and theater Information C4I systems.  It offers decision makers complete command and control over their forces in peacetime, during times of crisis, in Operations Other Than War (OOTW), and in full-scale conflict.

The building blocks for the MLM system are the Air Defense, Navy, Army, National Guard, and Police Control Systems that together provide an overall Integrated Common Situation Picture (ICSP).  The other major components include databases, data management tools, information and automatic data processing systems, decision support tools, display systems, and communication networks.

Vega Prime from Presagis is at the heart of the geo-map infrastructure in the MLM system and provides the application with 2D map display and 3D situation awareness display using the same technology.  The map display supports near real-time performance for air picture updates, for quick movements, including panning, zooming and rotation, and for swift graphic layer control, including which layers are displayed and the intensity of each layer.

For their management system, the team at MLM took advantage of the fact that Vega Prime provides a development environment that is designed specifically to increase the ability to create and deploy advanced applications.  In this system, Vega Prime is embedded in an effective GUI to allow for commands to be generated by the operator directly through the graphical display by pointing at entity areas.

The system generates a unified rapid and reliable Situation Picture (SP).  It also introduces automation in data collection, transfer, processing, management, protection, and dissemination through secured communication networks utilizing Internet/Intranet Technology in near real-time.  While efficiently and effectively utilizing the Armed and Paramilitary Forces and Civilian Organizations, MLM’s new management system also enables Central Headquarters to perform command and control functions at all times.

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