Cybicom Atlas Defence - Periscope Simulator

South Africa’s Cybicom employed Creator, Creator Terrain Studio, and Vega Prime Marine to develop this Periscope Simulator (PSIM) for the Zeiss SERO 400 Attack Periscope.

The simulator is part of an integrated submarine training facility and engineering test bed for the South African Navy.

The PSIM consists of electrically and hydraulically activated mechanical components and custom developed software modules. The mechanical components include the Ocular Box, Hoistable Mast Panel, and Control and Display Unit. Each of these were designed to replicate the look and feel of the real equipment onboard the submarine.

For the simulation, one of the challenges was obtaining an acceptable frame rate while rendering the ocean and producing a terrain that included a sufficient level of detail for the identification of land marks. In addition, the underwater view had to be masked when the periscope was partially submerged.

To meet these challenges, the team used level 2 digital terrain elevation data and satellite images to generate the terrain and then edited and updated purchased 3D models. The entire PSIM is designed to run on COTS PC hardware, including the PSIM IG that makes extensive use of the Vega Prime suite of graphics libraries and simulation algorithms to achieve this highly realistic look and feel.

Cybicom PSIM
Cybicom PSIM