AEgis Technology Group - VAMPIRE™ Mission Planning & Rehearsal

VAMPIRE™ is a mission planning and rehearsal environment training application for the Raven, Wasp, and Puma family of UAV systems.

Developed by AEgis for the United States Department of Defense UAV Operators, this embedded training system runs completely on a fielded Panasonic TOUGHBOOK®.

Since the DOD is using UAVs more than ever before the key to successful training is to create a realistic experience for soldiers that allows them to train as they fight and fight as they train. Working with Presagis solutions, the Simulation Development Engineering & Geospatial team at AEgis were able to maximize visual output for the application despite the limited computing power and CPU space available to run the training.

In particular, the team used Terra Vista Probuilder, Creator, and Creator Pro to develop these realistic terrain databases and 3D models, including cultural features, human characters, and vehicles for the VAMPIRE.

Using Presagis solutions, AEgis was able to help reduce or eliminate problems associated with UAV training at the DOD, including negative weather and damage to equipment, by bringing realistic training and combat environments to the desktop.

AEgis Vampire
AEgis Vampire