AEgis Technology Group - Vancouver Olympics 2010

Using Presagis solutions, AEgis Technologies helps organizers prepare for the 21st Olympiad.  With three extensible databases built using Terra Vista and Creator, and high resolution imagery from DigitalGlobe, AEgis allows planning teams to get ready for the world.


In February of 2010, the world is going to Vancouver, British Columbia, for the XXI Olympic Winter Games.  While participants from more than 80 nations and millions of fans will be there for only two thrilling weeks to celebrate amateur sport, planners have spent years getting everything ready.

Preparing large scale, international events is serious business.  It requires the coordination of several groups and frequently involves planning for venues before they actually exist.  For the Vancouver Games, the Simulation Development Team at AEgis Technologies Group, together with their partner DigitalGlobe , constructed several databases to provide comprehensive 3D landscapes for a variety of agencies to support their operational planning and situational awareness.

AEgis Technologies - Granville SquareDeveloping the databases required the work of multiple 3D modelers, texture artists, and geographic information system (GIS) analysts.  Creating the geographical locations as well as the various Olympic venues in and around Vancouver presented a series of unique challenges.  The AEgis team believe these challenges span multiple disciplines between art and engineering.  In working to overcome these challenges, they fully exercised tools produced by Presagis, Terra Vista and Creator, to build accurate and detailed models of:

  • tall downtown buildings in dense urban areas,
  • seaside docking areas with giant cruise ships and container vessels, 
  • cruise ships in Vancouver’s harbour that will be used during the games as lodgings, and
  • the Whistler ski resort with detailed buildings and ski lifts.

AEgis Technologies - 
Expo86 SiteFor the team at AEgis, Terra Vista is the tool of choice for database production.  Using Terra Vista along with high-resolution imagery from DigitalGlobe allows AEgis to develop realistic immersive simulations with intuitive and easy-to-use toolsets.  Terra Vista supports the highest number of terrain format exports in the world, making it easy for the team at AEgis to create unique environments, produce databases in multiple formats, and export tools to produce CTDB and OTF versions as required.

The team also uses Creator throughout their 3D model creation process.  Creator is the industry’s leading software for creating highly optimized, high-fidelity real-time 3D content for visual and urban simulations.

Leading up to the Olympics, security forces have used the databases for real-time scenarios, line-of-sight, operational planning, and disaster response.  These databases from AEgis are extensible so as to allow end-users to add and modify models, including placing models of emergency vehicles, buildings, and humans into the simulation.  This means that, even as the specifics change while venues are being built, the Olympic planning teams are always performing at peak performance.

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