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CDB Starter Kit Assets


Latest CDB Specification 

Collection of PDF of the specification with a CDB template structure and the set of CDB Meta Data files (XML).


  59 MB


Easy to use API to access a CDB on disk with reader API for all CDB file types and CDB versioning support.
Windows (VC9/10/12 in 32 bit and 64bit) and Linux (Gcc 4.8.2 in 64bit)


  253 MB

CDB Primer Presentation

A technical introduction presentation on CDB concepts and datasets.


   9 MB

Terrain Server

A client/server application providing Height of Terrain (HOT) and Line-of-sight (LOS) computation service over a CDB database.


160 MB (Windows)
397 MB (Linux)

Sample CDB

A CDB 3.0 database containing 1 geocel of an area in California (USA). The following datasets are provided at different resolutions (LODs): Elevation, Imagery, Material, Networks, GS and GT features and models.


7 GB