Download the CDB Specification Addenda & Clarifications

Below are the addenda and clarifications for CDB Specification (latest Specification on top).
  • The addendum documents outline the addition of new concepts and definitions since the previous Specification release.
  • The clarification documents outline the addition of details to existing concepts and definition in the previous Specification release.

CDB Specification 3.2 Addenda


Additional FDD Entries for Individual Trees
Addition of HGT to Light Point Datasets
Additions to Appendix O
Clarification - LOD Read and Default Behavior of Subordinate Datasets
Clarifications to Chapter 6 - OpenFlight Models
Configuration Mechanism
Conformal Modes for i2DModels and i3DModels
Corrections to File and Path Names
Gamma Override
Gloss Map
LOD Hierarchy of i2DModels Dataset
Material Textures and CMTs
Non-uniform Sampled Terrain Elevation
OpenFlight Model Dataset Revision
RuntimeTerrain Constraining
Support of DO-272B Source Data
Tunnels, Wells, Interiors and Terrain Overhangs
Update to the CDB Light Hierarchy
User Group Meeting ITSEC 2012
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CDB Specification 3.1 Addenda


3D Model Footprint
3D Model Interior Structure

Additional Airport Features

Additional Attributes Dictionaries

Additional CDB Attributes

Additional DOF Attributes on 3D Models

Additional FACCs

Additional Schema to Access Attributes

Allocation of Attributes to Dataset Components

Anchor Point on 3D Models

Bump Maps on 3D Models

CDB Directory Path Naming

CDB Extension Mechanism

Center of Mass for 3D Models

Change Request - Additional Tree Types

Change Request - Base Material Names

Compression of Elevation Datasets
Country Code Duplication

Definition of CDB Metadata

Deprecated Attributes

Generation of MinMax Dataset

LOD Organization of GTModels

Material Textures on 3D Models

Miscellaneous Minor Editorial Changes

Model Skins

Navigation Dataset

New Texture Kinds

Relative Priority Attribute

Replacement of Appendix O

Update to Light Name Table
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