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Terrain Database Creation

Presagis technical services can provide complete synthetic environments customized and optimized to work in your environment and with your client systems. 

By leveraging the Terra Vista COTS terrain generation product, Presagis consultants can quickly develop correlated terrain databases for use with new or legacy systems, including CTDB, OneSAF, and JSAF.

This technical service is ideal if:

  • You need to complement your existing terrain database capabilities
  • You need to convert one type of database format to another
  • You require output to a specific format
  • You want to extend the current terrain generation capabilities of the Terra Vista product

Presagis synthetic environments and terrain database features include:

  • Correlated Terrain
  • Terrain optimized for Vega Prime based applications
  • Multiple output formats, including TerraPage, Openflight and CDB
  • Sensor support for NGV, IR, and RADAR

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