Scenario Creation

Presagis technical services can help you to develop and implement realistic and high performance entities customized for your simulation. 

The STAGE software tool provides the ideal foundation for the generation of semi-automated forces (SAF), and, with the help of our technical services experts, we can develop the right solution for your requirements.

This technical service is ideal if:

  • You need to integrate an in-house system model, such as a sensor or weapon, into an environment simulation
  • You need to develop a capability demonstrator based on the Presagis simulation
  • You need highly autonomous and intelligent entities or behaviors
  • You need to develop specific military doctrines
  • You need to extend your current simulation with more/new entities or new types of behaviors
  • You need to complement your existing SAF/CGF with either higher fidelity entities or more autonomous clutter
  • You need to develop a custom Instructor Operator Station (IOS) application

Various sample applications include:

  • Crowd evacuations for emergency response applications
  • Border patrol and border crossings
  • Air combat operations
  • Urban combat operations
  • UAV operations
  • Test and evaluation
  • Monte Carlo

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