Porting to Specific Embedded Targets

Port VAPS XT or SeaWind to a specific embedded target.

The Presagis Technical Services team has extensive experience developing and deploying embedded systems.

Our technical services can help with:

  • Deploying VAPS XT applications to a specific hardware target platform and developing a turn-key porting layer,
  • Deploying the SeaWind X or OpenGL drivers in a COTS or custom hardware target

Presagis technical services team members have experience working in normal or certifiable development environments with the following embedded systems components and combinations:

Real-time operating systems

  • VxWorks 5.x, VxWorks 6.x, VxWorks 653
  • Integrity and Integrity-178B
  • QNX
  • LynxOS, LynxOS-178
  • Linux
  • pSOS, CsLEOS
  • SYSGO ELinos and PikeOS
  • Many custom and proprietary RTOS and task schedulers, such as Barco and Honeywell


  • Power PC (PPC) - many different models and makes
  • Intel based embedded processors (x86), ARM, StrongARM.

COTS Graphics boards

  • CurtissWright - XMC-710, PMC 704\706 (ATI chip base)
  • GE - GRA110, Octegra2 and Octegra3, MAGIC1 (NVIDIA based)
  • Many other custom boards based on commercial or proprietary chips

Example Graphics GPUs and ASICs

  • NVidia (GForce series)
  • S3 Graphics (Chrome series)
  • ZiiLabs (Permedia series)
  • Intel
  • ATI (Radeon series)
  • Hitachi
  • Fujitsu (Jade, Orchid, Scarlet, Coral series)
  • NEC (Ravin series)
  • Silicon Motion
  • Plus many others

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