Integrated Image Generation System

As an experienced visual systems provider, Presagis maintains a dedicated team of program managers and program engineers in order to provide compliant training subsystems.

With offices around the globe, Presagis maintains a wide range of resources to support you locally. From initial compliant design and definition to a deployed ready-for-training system, the Presagis Technical Services team will assess your requirements and propose the optimal solution with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) pricing value.

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The Presagis Advantage

Exceptional fidelity and visual realism

Training scene visual cues must be presented to a pilot or operator with realistic non-distracting characteristics in order to focus attention on training tasks and not on formulating a mental judgment concerning scene quality. Lyra IG scene realism allows a pilot to focus on training tasks instead of on operating a simulator.


Presagis Integrated IG and Visual System components are designed to efficiently and optimally harness consumer and workstation-class hardware and operating system components, giving our customers the best price-performance options. Presagis has invested heavily with industry-leading real-time OS technology vendors to extract every millisecond of rendering efficiency from Integrated IG systems.

Technology Insertion and Obsolescence Protection

Long development and integration schedules for Visual Systems require the ability to exploit Moore's law for components, such as the Integrated Image Generation system. In a mere twelve to eighteen months, an extensively capable system procured after critical design review can be well behind the consumer market performance curve. Presagis Technical Services can work with system integrators to develop a plan to either introduce capabilities progressively or replace subsystem components that have a minimal impact on integration and re-test. By purchasing standard Presagis COTS software maintenance, users have the freedom over time to assess and potentially deploy advances in the COTS product line.

Programs, not Projects

Presagis Technical Services can prime the delivery of various elements of an integrated visual systems solution with the help of a dedicated Programs group well versed in integration, acceptance, and issue resolution in integrated training systems. Presagis Technical Services works with your work share requirements to provide visual system subsystems that are integrated, tested to compliance, and ready for your training system.

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The Presagis Technical Services team has a wealth of knowledge spanning all areas of visual system development, including content creation, visualization and simulated forces, and draws on over 200 man-years of experience developing and fielding integrated components for visual systems. Presagis has directly fielded fully integrated IG solutions to many leading training and simulation providers worldwide. With strong financial backing and by focusing solely on the simulation and training markets, Presagis ensures that Technical Services systems will be delivered and supported for years to come.

Lyra IG

Lyra IG integrates industry-leading COTS software from Presagis with the latest in PC graphics technology and hardware to deliver a high-performance, low-cost solution for the deployment of high-fidelity, real time image generation. Delivering an out-of-the-box image generator solution, Lyra IG is interoperable with existing development processes, maximizes productivity, and reduces costs by enabling users to rapidly deploy realistic simulation training applications. Learn more.

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