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Customized 3-D Models

Presagis technical services can provide a wide variety of customized 3D models for  real-time simulation. 

Presagis consultants have extensive experience developing high-fidelity models across all domains, including land, air, and sea.

This technical service is ideal if:

  • You need 3D models developed quickly to meet a deadline
  • You need to enhance a current library of 3D models to add new capabilities
  • You need to convert models to a different format, such as OpenFlight or Common Database (CDB)
  • You need to optimize models for performance reasons

Presagis 3D model features include:

  • Articulations
  • Damaged and destroyed states
  • Multiple LODs
  • Vehicles, buildings, aircraft, and characters

Presagis 3D models are designed to be highly optimized for real-time simulation and are developed to very high standards of visual accurateness.

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