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Customized 3-D C4I Viewer

Presagis can help with the development of customized, freely-distributed or low-cost visualization alternatives to meet the specific needs of your project.

With this technical service, you can leverage Presagis Technical Services to customize and extend the Presagis Thea Viewer product to meet the needs of your project.

This technical service is ideal if:

  • You need a freely-distributed or low-cost 3D visualization solution that can be deployed to dozens of facilities to hundreds of distributed/deployed users
  • You need a flexible licensing mechanism
  • Your system requirements emphasize interaction with multiple data types and the ability to integrate and fuse visualization data

Various sample applications include:

  • General situational awareness (SA)
  • Common Operating Picture (COP) Viewer
  • C4I / fusing of synthetically rendered data
  • BMC4I / fusing of synthetically rendered data

By leveraging and extending the Thea product with Presagis Technical Services, you will benefit from high-quality and cutting edge visualization technology that can be deployed in an affordable way.

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