3-D Data Visualization Solutions

Presagis can help with the development of application-specific visualization solutions.

Presagis COTS products are modular and extendable and can be easily tailored by our knowledgeable technical services team to meet the specific needs of your project.

This technical service is ideal if:

  • You need a customized visualization solution but don't have the resources or technical expertise to get started
  • You wish to upgrade from one visualization solution to another
  • You already have Presagis visualization products but would like to extend the current product capabilities

The technical services team will listen to your requirements and select the best mix of products and supporting development from which to build the final solution.   The solution can be customized and extended to meet different needs, including:

  • Integrating the 3-D solution with other customized proprietary or 3rd party systems
  • Providing support for different synthetic environment formats
  • Adding special effects
  • Adding correlated sensor simulation capabilities in infrared, night vision, and RADAR system energy bands

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