OpenFlight API

The OpenFlight API enables you to easily access and extend your OpenFlight databases.

Make developing visual simulation applications easier with a flexible programming interface that gives you access to the read, write, and extension APIs of the OpenFlight format—the leading visual database standard in the world. With access to OpenFlight’s geometry, attribution, and palette information, you can customize your OpenFlight databases and develop specialized tools and utilities to augment other modeling and simulation software.

The OpenFlight API enables you to create:

  • Translators to and from the OpenFlight format
  • Real-time simulators and games
  • Modeling applications and utilities
  • Plug-ins and scripts that extend the functionality of Creator—Presagis’ 3D modeling software tool


Click here to download the OpenFlight API 15.

PLEASE NOTE:  Product support for the OpenFlight API SDK and other free tools is not available. Please contact our Technical Services department for additional support services.

Sample Code
Get started quickly with a wide variety of sample code included in the OpenFlight API. After installation, you will find all the sample code in the follow program directory:

Located within this directory are the following subfolders with a variety of sample types:

  • /apps - sample stand-alone programs
  • /extensions - sample OpenFlight data extensions
  • /plugins - sample plug-ins (not included in the Linux distribution)
  • /scripts - sample OpenFlight scripts

Standards Forum
Join our Standards Forum and have your say, stay connected, and learn from fellow experts.

For more information on the OpenFlight format, visit the OpenFlight page on our Website.

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