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The CDP API is a flexible programming interface for accessing and extending the CDB Specification.

The CDB Specification is an open synthetic environment database format. As a simulation Specification for producing a unified synthetic representation of the world, CDB was developed to respond to and improve upon the following multiple aspects of database creation for modeling and simulation.

The CDB API is a tool that provides users with read/write access to CDB files. The API simplifies the development of visual simulation applications by making the CDB Specification more accessible and easier to customize. It also facilitates the development of specialized tools and utilities to augment other modeling and simulation software.

The CDB API supports the following operating systems and compilers; Windows VC9/VC10/VC12 32 bit and 64 bit and Linux Gcc 4.8.2 64 bit.


CDB API feature Free Pro license
Simple API to access CDB compliant databases on disk
Read and decode all CDB file types (flt,TIFF,jp2,rgb,shp,shx,dbf,dbt,xml,zip)
Support CDB 3.0 – 3.2
Support CDB version (chain) mechanism (3.0 and 3.2)
Asynchronous read file access (page-in notification)  
Write and encode all CDB file types (flt,TIFF,jp2,rgb,shp,shx,dbf,dbt,xml,zip)  
Read/Write CDB custom extension datasets  
Connection to a CDBDataServer over network  
Runtime file changes Notification  
Customer Support  


Click here to download the CDB API version 2.1

PLEASE NOTE:  Product support for the CDB API SDK and other free tools is not available. Please contact our Technical Services department for additional support services.

To help you get started quickly, an installation guide and reference manual with sample code are included with the installation file.

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For more information on the CDB Specification, visit the CDB FAQ page.

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